Keypad Polling System

With generous funds from a Teton Springs Foundation Grant, VARD purchased 100 Turning Point Technology keypad polls, which are now available for free checkout to local government and other Teton Valley nonprofit organizations interested in gathering public input. Contact us at 208-354-1707 or e-mail for checkout or further information. View our Calendar of Events for availability. Click here to read press release.

Citizen Handbooks

Advocacy Handbook (525 KB)
Developer’s Handbook for Smart Growth (1.76 MB)
Commonsense Guidelines to Living in Teton County (940 KB)

Public Speaking & Letter Writing

Review VARD’s tips for effective communication to decision makers.

Contact Local Decision Makers

Voice your support to elected officials for thoughtful development and sustainable communities.

Calendar of Events

Check out our Google Calendar of Events to stay abreast of upcoming events and important land use planning meetings!

Photo Gallery

Look inside for images that are worth a thousand words about land development, natural resources and community involvement.


Check out VARD and our partner organization videos about Western land use issues.


Maps will help you discover more about land use issues in Teton Valley.


We’ve compiled community and web resources to help you learn more about responsible development, natural resources, and how you can make a difference.


Download these studies for more in depth research on topics such as growth, water quality and housing.

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Teton Valley Advocates

Teton Valley Advocates

Teton Valley Advocates